Allan is a good-hearted young man in his late 20s. He lives alone in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Allan suffers from Asperger syndrome and is afraid of leaving his house and of social contact. Trapped inside his house, by his anxiety, Allan lives his life according to a strict, inflexible routine.
To fill the emptiness in his life, Allan keeps a pet fish, Paul. Although Allan tries really hard to take care of his only “friend”, he has never managed to keep Paul alive for more then 42 days. Whenever an old Paul dies he is replaced with a new Paul.
On the day Paul’s fish food runs out, the new delivery of fish food is delivered to Allan’s neighbor Sophie, an event which completely throws Allan off and leaves him in panic.  His thoughts spiral off into a, for him logical, chain reaction of events, triggered by the threat to his latest fish, Paul the 179th.
Now Allan has to decide between the life of his fish and his phobias.